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African Headwraps

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Several centuries ago Nigerians across the globe enjoyed representing their countries with beautiful fabrics and head-gears. Each culture showcasing variation of different styles and forms of attires. The intricate details of tying head wrap also called gele could be very intense but very when master very well could turn out beautifully. That's why you will see people providing services of construction of the headpieces. Over the years the styles and designs of the signature head wraps have been almost the same. You will see this signature style on our website. The most popular ones are the Sego fabric and Aso oke fabric. These fabrics have been the go to staples to complete the Nigerian traditional attire. Geles can be worn with all Ankara styles , Laces styles and general African fabric.

How to tie gele

First you wrap the fabric around the head and ensure its firm and tight, then one begins to create designs of pleats from the front of the head to the back. The gele is then secured by tying of the end pieces together and create an elongated arc at the back of the gele. Sometimes depending on the fabric used which could be Sego or Aso-oke. One or two people might have to do the job for it to last for hours. Most Nigerian parties last for hours with a lot of activities involved. One of the attribute of a well-styled gele is that it stays stable and firm over the duration of time used. Depending on the color of fabric a matching color and styles are now used.

Aso-Oke and Sego Fabric

Aso oke fabric is a hand woven cloth attributed to Yoruba people in western Nigeria. There are several types of aso oke. Presently Aso oke called Onjawo is reigning as it is woven with holes for designs in them. Nigerian often use aso oke for special occasions like weddings, birthdays etc.

During traditional weddings in Yoruba land a Yoruba lady is dressed in traditional fabric and aso oke head wrap is used on her head and waist. She is dressed exceptionally delicately for the glorious occasion as marriage is a very big occasion amongst Nigerians. The guest at the occasion are also often given aso oke or sego fabric usually of a themed color. The occasion is very colorful and rich.

Sego Fabric are sturdy cloth machine made with different variations. They are equally popular and used in various occasions and every day activities amongst African no matter where they reside around the world.

However, due to the dedicated way of making tying the head ties, people have resulted to now using them as often as necessary or needed. At Express gele we have taken the hard work out by already pleating the head ties and all the person has to do is just tie them around the head.

Express gele are not the pioneers of these designs but are re-sellers. The gele can be re-used multiple times. They come in different colors and designs. Gele are not going anywhere. They have been woven into our culture and tradition. Our traditional attire represents who we are. It’s our way of telling others who we are and represent. It’s also our way of showcasing our sense of style and quality of clothing too. As years go by so is different fabric and design come into style, however, the traditional way of tying gele is still a signature piece and does go in or out of styles. It’s almost a though is a skill to learn or an act to follow. Otherwise you are just buy the one that is already available for purchase, already made for you and instead of spending several minutes trying to make the gele look exceptional or getting the head wrap to exactly as its needed to be, one can just purchase the already made one at a token amount.